Nancy Lu

General Manager NZ Subsidiary of Dashang Co., Ltd.
I am tri-lingual with native and professional language skills in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I am proactive in learning and passionate in working with people. From university to full time professional work, I commit to working with teams of diverse people and towards achieving a common goal. I am also an independent person and is motivated to take full responsibilities at my own tasks. Being bi-cultural, I work fully to my advantage dealing with clients from both western and eastern cultures.
NZNL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dashang Group, headquarter based in China.Dashang Group is the largest retailer group in China with over 300 supermarkets, variousrestaurants, hotels, cinemas, shopping malls etc. Dashang Group have retail network bothoffline and online and offer O2O services (online to offline, and vice versa).
NZNL isestablished and registered in New Zealand as Dashang’s representative in sourcing qualityNew Zealand products, including and not limited to food, beverages, health products, valueadd consumer products etc. We also work with companies in New Zealand and overseas on R&D, especially on projects that improve nutrients, quality and long term return.