English Language Tuition (General English)

Programme Aim

Our English Language Tuition course aims to provide quality English language tuition to foreign students at four levels (CEF – Common European Framework):
  • Elementary (CEF A1-2)
  • Pre-Intermediate (CEFA2-B1)
  • Intermediate (CEF B1-B2)
  • Upper Intermediate (CEF B2)
The course has been designed by experienced teachers and its purpose is to develop your ability to communicate effectively in English, through the skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening. The course consists of structured English study using textbooks and CDs, and development of conversational skills.

Course Outcome

Students achieve a working knowledge of English, both written and oral, at one of the four ability levels – Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.

Study Period

You can begin your studies on any Monday throughout the year, for any number of weeks, from 1 to 50 weeks. The longer you study the more your English should improve.


Tuition Fee: $280.00 / week (20 hours);
Resource Fee: $10.00 / week;
Administration Fee: $200.00

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